Chattanooga Spinalator IST Table with Accutract -Navy

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Spinalator Table with Accutract
4-6 Weeks Refurbish Time
320.00 LBS
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  • This Chattanooga Spinalator IST Table gives you the option to select full spine, cervical or lumbar areas only. To adjust the accutract on this Chattanooga Spinalator IST Table  just slide the control knobs to the desired area and it will travel back and forth between the selected area.
  • Chattanooga Spinalator IST Table control panel
  • Chattanooga Spinalator IST Table Roller travel Position Indicator
  • New Rollers High Density Foam with Solid steel non Squeak Bearing
  • New 30 Minute 3 Pole timer for Auto Roller retraction when timer shuts off.
  • Chattanooga Spinalator IST Table with Accutract  -Navy
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Spinalator Table with Accutract





Color change available $ 300.00


          Chiropractors around the world, and thousands of students at chiropractic colleges know the name SPINALATOR! The Spinalator  table has earned a reputation for performance, durability and lasting value. The Spinalator table has become the measuring standard for all Intersegmental traction tables on the market today. 


        The Spinalator table has three rotating rollers on a triangle, the roller lifts and separates each segment of the spine. The Spinalator  rollers also elevate to increase the level of pressure applied to the back. The Spinalator rollers are then moved up and down the spine by a travel system. Some Spinalator tables have a system that lets you select which segment of the spine will be worked, this is called accutrack.


     The Spinalator table can be found in most chiropractic offices across the USA. The Spinalator table helps loosen knotted muscles so the patient can relax before his adjustment.The Spinalator table is also a great tool to keep the patients occupied if the Chiropractor is running behind. The patient can simple restart the timer on the Spinalator table if the Dr is not ready to see him yet.


 What is accutract? 

The accutract system was designed to allow you to control the travel of the table .You can select full spine, cervical or lumbar areas only.To adjust the accutract just slide the control knobs to the desired area and it will travel back and forth between the selected area.


Spinalator Table Control Panel Features


30 Minute Timer with Bell notification on treatment end

 Travel Direction Switch =  Forward/Off/ Reverse

 Roller Direction Switch = Clockwise/Off Counter Clockwise

 Roller Elevation = Spring loaded to Off/ Up/Down


Dimensions & Spinalator Table Weight


75 Length x 25 Tall X 22 Wide




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Warranty Information

We provide a ONE Year limited warranty when you purchase your Used Table. Our guarantee is that for a period of one year , your Used Table will be free of defects in parts and workmanship. For twelve months if, in normal use, a part is found to be defective or breaks, we will replace the part at our option. This DOES NOT cover broken parts caused by MISUSE or Damage from a Patient being over weight .If a part is found to be defective during the One Year warranty period, we will replace the part ,any ups or freight charges will be the responsibility of the product owner. New or USED tables do not have a Labor warranty for part installation or repair. This applies to both international and USA table sales. If there is a Need for ANY replacement or Warranty Part ,the Dr will pay the Inbound shipping cost .In the Event the MFG requires the part to be Returned ,The customer will also pay any return shipping cost. There are NO MFG 's that cover labor warranty! The exceptions to the one year limited warranty is upholstery, which does Not carry any warranty.
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