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Used Chiropractic Table offers reconditioned chiropractic tables from reputable brands like Lloyd table, Zenith Table, Omni Table, Leander Table,Chattanooga Table and Hill Tables. Whether you’re looking for used drop tables, Used IST tables, or other used chiropractic equipment, we have got you covered. You can even trade in your existing Used Chiropractic table for a new model.Remember to consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing a used chiropractic table.

Quick Ship Chiropractic Tables

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 Used Chiropractic Tables in this category have already been 100% FULLY Refurbished and can be quick shipped out from our location in Alabama within 48 Hours. Payment in full must be before 10  AM Monday through Friday. Freight companies do NOT deliver on weekends, only weekdays. Freight travel time is NOT guaranteed as we have no control over the freight once it leaves our location. EXPECT Freight related delays on Holidays or any inclement weather.