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Used Chiropractic Table offers reconditioned chiropractic tables from reputable brands like Lloyd table, Zenith Table, Omni Table, Leander Table,Chattanooga Table and Hill Tables. Whether you’re looking for used drop tables, Used IST tables, or other used chiropractic equipment, we have got you covered. You can even trade in your existing Used Chiropractic table for a new model.Remember to consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing a used chiropractic table.

Color Chart




 Base Color Selection Available on Zenith II & Zenith III Tables

(Custom Base Colors Available for Upgrade Fee)

CI Or Cast Iron tables base color is White 


           zenith210gonsteadtaupe.jpg                 navy-blue-zenith-320-hylo.jpg          cox-90-charcoal-heritage.jpg               black-heritage-210-ci.jpg