Trade in Your OLD Chiropractic table


Table Trade In Value

Ready to Upgrade Your Old Table For A New Or Refurbished Chiropractic Table That Better Suites Your Needs?

Trading in your old table or chiropractic equipment has never been easier or smarter. Not only can you UPGRADE your Equipment and Practice; but with certain tables, you get a 50% Dollar for Dollar tax credit 

* See Below. To get you the best trade in value on your table; Please include a Picture, Estimated Date that the table was MFG, and the serial Number.

Please Read Below Before Clicking the Buttons 

Trade-Ins Welcome


Ready to Trade-In your OLD Tired table for a Refurbished Table?


Want to Just Sell your OLD Tired table?


The trade-in.jpg Button means you have found a Refurbished table and would like to trade in your old table. This is Very Important; Because We need to ensure we get the Correct Size Crate for your Trade-IN, Since we will be sending your Old Table Back on the Same crate as we sent your REFURBISHED Table in!
See The Refurbished Table Delivery Options On our "Table Ship Quote" Page.
We Only Accept Trade-In Tables from within the Continental USA!
The sell.jpg  Button means you ONLY wish for us to "Show You The $$$$$" on your old table.
We Only BUY Tables within the Continental USA!

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